Princess Diya Kumari Foundation
Deepika Mahawar


Deepika, grew up in Delhi, and lived extreme poverty. When she was a child, her family couldn't afford to send her to school. Her family had no regular sources of income and were dependent on their relatives to provide them food.

At 18, she had an arranged marriage to her husband in Jaipur. Her husband does not work, due to health conditions and she continued to live in poverty. She lived in a joint family and faced the social stigma and taunts of not being able to have a child. In addition, she was always treated badly for not being able to contribute in the family income. Deepika found work and started working in a male-dominated factory, where she felt unsafe and alone. It was hard work; her income was minimal, and she had low self-esteem.

After joining PDKF, Deepika’s perception of herself changed. Within few months of training, she mastered various handwork techniques. She became a one of the most talented ladies on our team at the Foundation. Now with money in her hand, she could contribute her share to her in-laws to support their family.

Deepika loves learning new skills in an all-female environment; she can work without fear of harassment by men. She has made a lot of friends at PDKF. "I now have skills to work and earn my own money. I feel equal to my peers." Deepika can now support herself and is able to visit her parents in Delhi. "I have found changes in my own personality. I feel powerful!"