The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) promotes and revives heritage crafts of Rajasthan. We work with disadvantaged women in the areas of skill building and livelihoods. The Foundation provides training in gota patti, appliqué embroidery, soft toy making, hand embroidery, thread work and machine stitching. “The Foundation welcomes collaborations and orders.”

Applique Embroidery

Applique is a type of embroidery that uses a small patch of fabric sewn onto a larger fabric and the edges are covered with a blanket stitch embroidery. The craft is being used at PDKF to prepare handcrafted souvenirs such as jute fridge magnets and wall hangings.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroideries have been used as a decorative embellishment on fabrics for hundreds of years. PDKF has extensively used hand embroidery to add an additional handmade element to its products like coasters and garments.

Machine Stitching

Machine stitching is a skill taught to many ladies at PDKF, and we make many items such as garments, soft toys and accessories.

Soft Toy Making

Soft toys have been made for centuries for children to play with. PDKF has made many different animals such as our signature elephant, camels, monkeys, crocodiles and horses.


Stringing loose beads into beautiful and unique patterns and designs to make them dainty necklaces and bracelets, our women artisans have the most fun while handcrafting these for little girls and women.


Adding a small but significant extra touch to our products are our PomPoms and Tassels handcrafting by our women artisans using high-quality cotton threads. From clothing to accessories, these additions make each product stand out.

Gota Patti

A Rajasthani famous needlework technique which involves sewing cut pieces of gold and silver zari laces and skillfully threading patterns using it. This art is usually seen as adornments on Indian outfits.

Hand block printing

A traditional Rajasthani artwork called Hand Block Printing is a technique which is passed down as generational knowledge and put to use to craft unique products. Our hand block printed cotton fabrics are used to design everything from our clothing collection to our homeware collection.


A mindful approach towards offering sustainable options, our patchwork products are hand crafted using the extra fabrics and sewn together to make one of a kind pieces.


An age-old practice of stitching layers of fabrics atop each other to provide options for cold weather is called quilting. From our jackets to our quilts, our women artisans are trained and skilled to hand craft top quality products.


Hand crafting various products by inter-locking colourful threads of yarn using needles, our crochet products have eye-catching colour combinations and patterns.

Blue Pottery

The art of Blue Pottery was introduced to Jaipur by its royal family and quickly made its way to local households and became a unique piece for the travellers to take back home. Various patterns depicting the local flora and fauna adorns the surface and are often seen as part of the homeware category.

Surface embellishment

To further promote handcraft, our women artisans indulge in the delicate art of hand stitching the sequins, beads and other kinds of embellishments on our delicate fabric of Kota Doriya which in various Indian and western clothing of ours.

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is a reliable way to achieve precise embroidery of various shapes, patterns and typography. Our women artisans indulge in the same to handcraft products with striking colours.