Princess Diya Kumari Foundation
Tulsi Devi


Tulsi, grew up in a small village near Jaipur. She was married at a young age to an intellectually disabled man. Tulsi’s married life was filled with abuse, living in trauma and distressing conditions. She was initially ill-treated because she gave birth to two stillborn girls, and the abuse continued after she gave birth to three more children.

She lived between escaping to her parent's home for short periods and coming back to her husband's house. When her parents passed away, her life turned into a daily battle of survival. Years of abuse had taken a toll on her mental and physical health and she contemplated suicide, till she heard about PDKF from her neighbour and came to the center for help.

She is now financially independent and no longer subjected to the taunts of her husband. She has been able to put all three of her sons in college, build a house and get her son married to an educated girl. Tulsi’s journey from a part time cleaning lady to managing the lavish gardens at Badal Mahal, is inspiring. She has found solace in the safe and happy working environment at Badal Mahal as an escape haven from her home.

Tulsi states that PDKF is the source of her happiness, the women at PDKF are her therapy and she hopes to never leave Badal Mahal. “My only dream now is to buy a scooter for myself, so that I am no longer dependent on anyone for anything,” says Tulsi Devi, with a spark in her eyes.