Princess Diya Kumari Foundation
Khema Ji


Khema, is our oldest lady at PDKF. She grew up in rural Rajasthan and has lived in extreme poverty her whole life. During her childhood, her family had no electricity, limited access to clean water and sometimes no food.

Khema has sent her four daughters and two sons to school till the tenth grade. She wishes that they understood the importance of education and studied further at school. "I peeled peanuts to help support my family and would get sick from the dust."

Working with PDKF has meant Khema earns an income in a healthy, safe environment. She loves learning new skills and is an advocate on the importance of education. She is unable to sew as now her eyesight is weak, but she packs and tags the products made by the other ladies. She hopes that by working at PDKF, she can inspire her children to continue to learn and work at something enjoyable, even when they are old.

As a financial contributor, Khema now has more say in family decision-making. Khema is amazed by the opportunities PDKF has given her. She never dreamt that she would work in such a beautiful palace such as Badal Mahal or meet a westerner or meet the Princess!